Friday, December 23, 2011

We finished it.

I like to think that people will actually watch our video. I think we have some good pictures. We have some fun video. And some outstanding songs that have kind of become our 2011 anthems. Mostly, though, it's satisfying to see it all compiled and tell myself, "You're doing better than you think." There are a lot of moments of frustration and tears and saying, "I've told you a MILLION TIMES," and wondering if my children will only remember the constant plea to HURRY UP. But then we have some physical evidence that we had a lot of laughs and giggles and joy. Looking at these pictures makes me a little sad that the year is nearly over. But it also makes me extremely grateful for the husband, children, family and friends I have been blessed with. If you're reading this, you're counted in that group.

So take a look - there's a button at the top of the blog now saying 2011 Retrospective (there, I hyperlinked it. It's "hidden" on YouTube, so you can only get the link here - sneaky!).

Christmas cards were dumped at the post office early this morning. If you don't get it by Saturday, please know we wish you a very Merry Christmas and an abundantly happy new year.


Becca said...

We all watched this video this morning, and OF COURSE it made me misty! I just love your life. I love all of you bebes!

Well done once again.