Monday, January 23, 2012

besides Dad

I've been in the trenches. The trenches of sick kids. Luckily, it has been the wheezing, coughing, misery of RSV, rather than vomit. THANK YOU. Usually, RSV at this age isn't a big deal, but since Donovan has had a history with wheezing and asthma-ish symptoms (not "officially" asthmatic because he didn't have 5 episodes in a year or whatever the benchmark is), it was definitely more serious. So, sporting a 103 fever and a tightening chest, he was happy to go to the doctor. An hour later we had a negative flu test, a 92% oxygen reading, an RSV diagnosis, and prescriptions for Albuterol and Prednisone and Omnicef. Because, by the way, he had an ear infection. Donovan hasn't been sick for 3 years. Like his personality in every other area in life, when he does something, he does it BIG.

The good news is that, five days later, he's doing much better. Last night, as I lay next to him on the couch, holding the nebulizer mask close to his face and resting my head on his shoulder, I enjoyed his drowsy conversation.

Donovan: Good thing my shoulders are so big for you to lay on.
Me: Uh...sure.
Donovan: My shoulders are REALLY big, aren't they?
Me: Well...I don't know. I mean, you're 6. So. You're still kind of small.
Donovan: I'm getting bigger muscles, though.
Me: You sure are. Especially because we make you do push-ups for calling your sisters names.
Donovan: Mom? Have you ever seen a man with big muscles. Like, HUGE muscles. But in real life, not just on tv or pictures or something?
(before I had a chance to respond, he cut in:) I mean, BESIDES Dad.

The "obviously" or "duh" hung in the air over that last line. I chuckled softly and loved that kid so much in that moment. Then I said yes I had seen men with big muscles besides Dad. But that I was sure his dad would appreciate knowing his son a) thought he had huge muscles, and b) didn't think there were many other muscled men out there.

So there you go, babe. Keep up the good work.


Margo said...

Sarah, I have just been catching up on blogs. I love reading your blog. It is so much fun to read. It makes me feel like you are sitting right here with me. I can't wait to see you in April. Hope your kids are feeling better. No fun to have sick kids. Your blog on shepherds pie is hilarious. I hated that dish growing up. Maybe I need to give it another chance. Love ya...

Katie Ross said...

So cute! I love the conversations of young children- they say things with sincerity. Glad Donovan is doing much better.