Friday, February 10, 2012

The Colorado Trinity

If you live in Colorado, you are most likely from somewhere else. Every now and then you'll see someone with a "Native" bumper sticker. One of our neighbors is an authentic, born-here, raised-here Coloradoan. But, overall, we're all transplants. It only takes a little while to pick out some very defining characteristics of a true Coloradoan. It has taken nearly 6 years, but I think we're just about there.

First, ski season passes. This kid:

amazes and terrifies me with his fearless attitude toward skiing. He now bombs a hill not because he can't control his skis, but because that's the best way to pick up speed. I laughed, nervously, at the top of a blue run last week as I debated whether I really wanted to go down (this being only the second time - the first being over Christmas, and only for a couple hours - I've skied in 20 years)(I hate being able to say I haven't done something in 20 years) and saw Donovan yell, "Here we goooooo!" as he skied, arms and legs outstretched like a boy-X, straight down the hill. He loves the terrain park ("I got serious air, Mom!") and going down black diamond moguls. ACK! I'm glad Becca's crazy awesome boyfriend Austin was there to accompany him, because you couldn't drag me down one of those. What I wouldn't give for a lower center of gravity.

I'm pleased to say I only wiped out a couple times, but I found the whole thing just hilarious. The thing I found disconcerting was that Becca, Austin, and a friend all congratulated me on skiing parallel and not in the newbie pizza stance. This was disconcerting because in my head I thought I was skiing in a wedge format. Obviously I have a severe brain-extremity communication problem. Also disconcerting? Austin skiing backward down the run with me, giving me pointers. I use every ounce of concentration to, you know, NOT DIE. I cannot imagine doing half of what he was doing. But that's what you can do when you've been raised on skis, right? I wish that for my children. Gemma, by the way, loved it and kept squealing, 'More!'

Ainsleigh and Donovan are in the middle of their 8-week ski school session and are having a blast. They come home from school on Fridays totally giddy for their Saturdays. I am thrilled for them. And for my quiet Saturdays with Gemma (unless we go up with them).

Second, a Subaru. If Colorado had an official car, this would be it. Joel's tiny Honda Civic just wasn't cutting it for photoshoots and snowstorms. Or acceleration. We traded it in because we got a fairly good deal and we're pretty sure that once they looked under the hood, they realized they gave us a much better deal than they should have. Win! Anyway, Joel started calling the Subaru "the ski car" and the name stuck. Nevermind that this was in August and we still drove it for other things. And nevermind that sometimes we take the minivan skiing. We have a Subaru and it is a wonderful car. The seat warmers heat up at an alarming rate and to a potentially debilitating temperature.

Third, a dog. I alluded to this last year, kind of off-hand. The thing is, we've been telling the kids for years that we'd get a dog. We just couldn't find one we liked. Or the patience to potty-train something else. It didn't help that Joel loves Irish Wolfhounds (read: mini-horses) and Australian Cattle Dogs and I like not having fur on anything or giant turds to clean up. We have read and read and researched some more. Joel made fun of me the day I came home from the library with "Dog Breeds for Dummies." But he read it, too! Finally, after contacting a lot of breeders and researching some more, we've found our dog. He was born two weeks ago, so we have six excruciating weeks to wait before he can leave his litter. The kids have constructed a giant paper chain to countdown the days. He is a Wire Fox Terrier (no shedding! running partner! beard!) and will look something like this when he is full-grown:
Also, his name is Professor Albus Dumbledore. Does anyone know where I can purchase half-moon spectacles for a dog?

Having achieved the full Colorado Trinity, I believe I qualify for some type of "Native" sticker. Maybe this?
Yes, I think so.


Alice said...

I'm on my third Subaru "ru" and I love them. Sad though that we might have to trade it in for a mini van if we have a 3rd.

Melin said...

Wait a minute, we ski, have a subaru and a dog, but I am not your neighbor...where do I live?

Sarah said...

Not close enough, Melin. Not nearly close enough.