Thursday, February 9, 2012

family workout

One of my favorite things to do with the kids during the winter is take them to our rec center and run them around. It always amazes me how much ENERGY they have. They'll run and run and run, then sit down for a few seconds, and then get up and run again. This was especially evident with Gemma. That girl runs nonstop for 45 minutes, I kid you not. When Laura came to visit (after Christmas), we all trekked down to the turf to introduce her to a family workout, Hill-style. I warned her that Gemma would just keep running. Finally, Laura sat down, exhausted, and told Gemma she needed to rest, all while Gemma pulled insistently on her hand. Let's not forget that Laura ran a marathon in November, so it wasn't like Bob Harper heckling a Biggest Loser contestant or anything.

I'm always looking for ways to introduce the kids to different ways to workout. Thanks to Donovan's Grandpa who gave him an aerobie (or however you spell those frisbees that look like a cherry lifesaver that has been sucked on to near dissolution) and Santa who brought Donovan lacrosse sticks. At one point I had the brilliant idea to do some lunges. With Ainsleigh on my back. About 10 lunges in I had the distinct thought, "This was not such a great idea," but I wasn't even halfway across the width of the field, so I continued. I'm going to let you in on one of my flaws: I'm stubborn to the point of stupidity at times. If/when Joel reads this, he will say a silent, "Amen." Truth be told, I was ready to quit, but then Joel got in my face with the camera and made some comment about his tough lady, so I couldn't very well de-tough myself, could I? (hint: see second part of that flaw)
I made it all the way across. And then I ran back, much to Ainsleigh's delight. I'm kind of loving sequential photographs, so here's what a family race looks like:
Hey Ainsleigh, why are your pants around your neck?
Dear Dono, Good start. Are you going to start whining, again,
the second you realize you're not faster than your mother? Give it time.
Dear Laura, Nice of you to join the race.
Dear Gemma, I love you.

Now what do we do?


The post-workout refueling is essential. 


laura said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that I waited for the starting call unlike some CHEATERS who took off early. If you need me, I'll be over here eating my recovery donut.

Kellie Knapp said...

#1. Your pictures make me want more redheaded children. You guys are freaking cute...

#2. You have some seriously hott guns! Like...REALLY.

#3. I like your "All American, we go to the rec center on a Saturday" life. So high five on that.