Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Robot Rampage

Is it just me, or have the winter blahs taken hold? I find myself feeling like I don't have anything to talk about. Which, under usual circumstances, isn't necessarily a problem. But there's something about January/February that puts me in hibernation mode, I think. I must not be the only one, because I've noticed a lot of my friends' blogs have gone silent lately. I just downloaded a bunch of photos from the past couple months (oh look - there are pictures from over Christmas break!) so perhaps I have a little more than nothing to talk about. First up: Robots.

Gemma is obsessed with robots. I think it started when she was about 18 months old and saw an episode of 'The Backyardigans' titled, "Robot Rampage" (it has some very catchy tunes, even if they are inspired by ABBA). Since then, she loves everything robotic. I cannot even begin to number how many robots Joel and I have drawn during church to keep her quiet. Pull out a pad of paper and a pencil and she will immediately jab her finger into the pad and demand, "Draw a robot!" Big robots, tiny robots, fat ones and skinny ones - we've done them all. And when we are tired of it, Ainsleigh and Donovan pick up the slack.

Recently, Donovan returned from school with some artwork he had crafted during indoor recess. It was a series of robots. Well here - let me just take a picture of it with my phone. First, the title page:

Pikshers of Robots!

Then, the actual artwork. Gemma has never been so pleased to receive something. And her brother sure had a silly proud look on his face as he accepted her gratitude and hugs and squeals.

From left (translated): Name of the robot: Radio; The upside down Robot;
The Rocket Robot; The Bouncing Robot

Last Christmas, Gemma received a stuffed robot and promptly named it Weirdo. This year, she specifically asked for a REAL robot - one that MOVED. I was thrilled to discover a beginner's remote-controlled robot, perfect for toddlers. As soon as she saw it, she declared, "I will  name him RADIO!" His control has two buttons: spin and forward. Oh, and he has spinning lights that are activated by either of the previous two buttons. I would like to profusely thank whoever invented this robot, because while it does have some very authentic robotic sound effects, it also comes with a volume control and mute. Hallelujiah.

When I was in NYC visiting Laura, we ate at "The Shake Shack" (a MUST if you're ever even remotely near one of their locations) and I saw that they had t-shirts - one with a robot! It made my souvenir shopping infinitely easier.

The cherry on this most amusing sundae was the necklace Allison gave Gemma for Christmas. She discovered it at the fine shopping establishment "Forever 21." I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Gemma and her entourage of robots:


wanda said...

Bravo, Allison! Who would think to look at Forever 21 for a robot? Of course, I realize she just *happened* to be in there...

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I love the robot shirt with the pink skirt :)

NancyO said...

Once again, you've given me a much needed laugh. I'm going to head out to Forever 21 and get me one of those necklaces. And if I get a dog, I'm going to ask Gemma to help me name it.

Alice said...

That is so cool that she loves Robots, here's a pillow she might like that we have and love.