Monday, March 5, 2012

Gemma and Photobombing; and 2 questions

Some people are born with a gift for music. Others are athletic. Gemma seems to have been born with an inherent ability to photobomb, as evidenced by these pictures I just stumbled upon:

aw, so sweet. an auntie and her nephew

here comes trouble

well, ok, so stealth isn't her strong suit

But speaking of this little dude, his birthday is about a week away and he couldn't be more excited. A couple years ago we had the great balloon midnight shenanigans that he has since marveled over enough to make it totally worth it. He's asked if I could do it again. But I can't do the SAME THING, can I? I've taped streamers up in their rooms before while they are sleeping, but that doesn't seem as fun and, quite frankly, it's even more difficult. So I'm not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions? And no, packing peanuts are not an option. I'm mean like that.

Second, both he and Ainsleigh know they are not having birthday parties this year because Albus/Mr. Carson will be arriving shortly. They have eagerly accepted this and are looking forward to having a family dinner and playing with their puppy. BUT. Donovan asked Joel the other night, "Can I use my birthday money to go to one of those back-rub places and get a massage?" I waffled between pride (he IS his mother's son) and confusion (I'm pretty sure there's an age limit, not to mention that it just might be creepy), and was reminded of the time when he was 4 and asked Santa for the medicine he couldn't chew but had to swallow with water. I love how weird kids can be.


wanda said...

Thanks for the (not so subtle) reminder of the little dude's birthday. I admit I need it... March just sneaks up on you. Any ideas? Besides a backrub, that is.

laura said...

Love the pictures, and love D asking for a massage for his birthday. So hilarious.