Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I think dono is turning 80 next week

"Mom? Since I can't get a massage for my birthday, then I'd like to have a family picture for my room."

"A...picture?" I'm thinking of all the pictures we have and wondering if he means something else.

"Not a picture of our whole family. Like...a picture of just Daddy and a picture of just you. And also one of my sisters. Maybe in church clothes."

Honestly, I'm using all of my willpower to keep from giggling at how intently he was conveying his thoughts. I pulled it together long enough to ask where he would put these pictures.

"On the table next to my bed. You know, so I can see my family when I fall asleep and then wake up."

He's turning 7. Seven. He's got the wishlist of an AARP magazine feature. I love this kid so freaking much.


Alice said...

Just when you think this kid couldn't get any funnier he does!

Annie said...

So funny and adorable. What a great kid!