Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aunt Nancy comes for a visit

This is the exact kind of awkward posing that I want to remember about my kids. I don't even know where to begin. Could Ainsleigh look more uncomfortable? And yet, I think she thought she looked pretty tough and casual. And WHAT is Donovan wearing? I generally give them an eyeroll when they come down monochromatic and suggest that just because they are both, say, GREEN, doesn't mean that they go together. I was sitting here trying to figure out why in the world I would let him go on a hike in a PUBLIC place like that when it occurred to me it was St. Patrick's day at this time, so I think I let it slide. Regardless, he looks weird.

Notice the snow in the background? Yeah, it was March 17th. Aunt Nancy was visiting us and seemed to have brought California-esque weather with her (except that it had already been here, and she had left the rainy miserable California coast behind, but whatever). We enjoyed mid-60s and 70s during her stay. And the snow faded away.

Look! There's my green peeking through. Will it distract you from my white running shoes glaring against my dark pants? Those are my old running shoes, dumped in a basket for yardwork and whatever I need them for. Note to self: a little traction is nice when hiking. Running shoes that have been discarded due to traction being worn away do not qualify.

We still look like dorks. And yet, Nancy seems to have a nice country/windswept hairstyle happening that makes me wonder why the rest of us look like chumps.

This makes up for your weird chummy crouch, baby girl. WHY DID YOU HAVE to TURN TEN?!?!

I don't often see this face. This is his "listening face." Don't be fooled, though. He's not listening to his parents. He's listening to the waterfall.

We walked to a dam that broke about 90 years ago. It was pretty awesome to see. That dam sign there kept us from scurrying over the whole thing, which was so tempting. (see what I did there? that pun? that's a shout-out to my Grandpa who was a civil engineer but referred to himself as a "dam engineer" with wicked pride.)

Why are your eyes closed, Nancy?! Is it because you can't take it any more? Nancy put up with a lot of general mayhem, all while plying us with chocolate dipped deliciousness. She bravely took us and my cousins (and their 5 children) to P.F. Changs for a scrumptious meal (turns out tofu can be quite tasty! but not as much as beef and broccoli...). And then she bought all sorts of things at Costco (rack of lamb!). Turns out, I like lamb! Maybe I like it when someone else buys it. Or it's cooked properly. Or it's the rack and not the leg. The point is, I'm going to VOLUNTARILY buy rack of lamb in the near future. And be HAPPY about it.

We were sad to see Aunt Nancy go. We're trying to convince her to get a timeshare or condo or something out here. Aunt Nancy has a way of making each of us feel important and like we're doing pretty dang good. Ainsleigh has always felt a kinship with Nancy. Perhaps it is their similar quiet, observent personalities. There's a lot going on in those brains behind that (seemingly) shy nature. The other two love anyone who loves them, and Nancy is the kind of person who will ready stories and draw until they don't want to anymore (and that's a LONG time). For me, having Nancy around is a bit of home. And by home, I mean my childhood. Aunt Nancy was there as I grew up. She knows just about as much about me as my parents. She has listened when I've had struggles. She is wonderful at validating feelings and sometimes suggesting remedies. Joel instantly felt a connection with her when he joined our family (again, maybe that laid-back personality?). The verdict is in: we love having Aunt Nancy come visit. THANK YOU!!

(ps - did you see my new blog banner? the picture was taken on this walk. and the color for this year is green!)


laura said...

Funsies! I can't wait to see those nerds in a few days.

NancyO said...

I really enjoyed my visit. What a fun, welcoming family you all are. There may be a Denver-area condo in my future. Have fun with Wala!

The Johnson Family of Colorado said...

Love the new banner. Gemma doesn't even look like she has baby/toddler hair anymore. I can hardly believe that is her head. We can't wait to see you this summer. :) Love ya, Susan