Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a two-handed birthday

On Saturday, Ainsleigh turned 10 and Joel and I wondered how in the heck a decade of parenthood had already flown by. Ten. Double digits. Two hands.
Celebrating Ainsleigh, for Joel and me, started at midnight the night before as we blew up 30 helium balloons. Thanks to a 50% off coupon from Michael's, this made for a financially viable decorating option. Also, it was a lot easier than streamers. And quieter. Except for the part where Albus was howling at them, certain that they were alien intruders.
When Ainsleigh turned 1 and 2 and 3, I would replay in my mind minute by minute her birth. As she has gotten older, I notice I don't really do that. I mean, I definitely remember that day, but without the drawn-out recognition I used to. I'm trying to figure out if it's that I'm sad that day is getting more distant. Or if the added years just give more to celebrate. Or if my memory is starting to fail me. I'm going to go with option B, with a sprinkling of both A and C.
Ten years of smiles and giggles. Ten years of thoughtfulness and creativity. Ten years of taking her time to do things. Ten years of self-portraits. Ten years of looking into those brown eyes and loving the living daylights out of someone who continues to make me laugh and cry and love more than I ever knew possible.
That's Jupiter, hanging up there, from her solar system project. She painted it herself.

Donovan and his dumb faces

Ainsleigh's birthday began with balloons and french toast and a few presents (though the kids' major present was Albus this year). It continued with attending her brother's football practice and soccer game (while I served as referee), a little shopping, and a dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger where, as a family, we ate EVERYTHING. A major family milestone. We each finished our burgers (except Gemma, who grazes off everyone else), the basket of unbelievably scrumptious onion rings, and our milkshakes (Joel: cookie dough; Ainsleigh: pina colada; Donovan: S'mores; Gemma: chocolate marshmallow; Me: butterfinger).

Then we came home to Ainsleigh's birthday dessert. A few days before, I asked what kind of cake she wanted. She paused, and then began, "Well, actually, I was thinking..." and I got kind of excited. I love the way she thinks outside the box. What would she say? What did she want? "Instead of cake, could I have chocolate-dippped strawberries?" Uh...YEAH. First of all: delicious. Second of all: easy.

As we tucked her into bed that night, we all piled onto her bed chanting, "Ainsleigh's the best! Ainsleigh's the best!" While she grinned and giggled. You deserve a lifetime of grins and giggles, sweet girl. Happy two-hand Birthday, Ainsleigh.


laura said...

Seeseeeeee! I can't believe she's so big. I just can't. Glad she had such a good day!

Annie said...

She looks more mature in these pics. What a fun Mom you are!

GWACK said...

She does look so mature and grown up in these! Looks like she had a fabulous day!