Wednesday, May 9, 2012

PSA: Running with Trophies

If you're ever out for a morning walk or run or whatever else you might be doing outside in the morning, and you happen to see a woman running down the sidewalk, you might think she's just another Colorado (if you're in Colorado) health nut and then reflect on how everyone seems to be a runner these days. And then as she gets closer you might notice that she has something in her hand, and you might think, "That's a mighty shiny water bottle," which would then lead you on a tangent of wondering whether carrying a water-bottle negates any help the runner might get from the hydration. And then you might see that she is very close to passing you and you realize that she is not carrying a shiny water bottle but, rather, a trophy? A 12-inch golden football trophy? And this might lead you to wonder why in the world anyone would run with a trophy: is it for motivation? is it in celebration? is it sheer insanity? But then you might see that she is not only running with a trophy, but grinning wildly, and maybe even giggling. So she must realize the absurdity of the situation, right? And then you might consider the time (about 15 minutes into the school day) and the location (between a neighborhood and a school) and theorize that just maybe she was walking her kids to school that morning when her first grader realized he forgot his trophy for "cherished writing" that day and with it being the end of the school year perhaps he wouldn't have another chance to bring said trophy, so when the boy asked if his mom could please run home and run it over before the 9:30 cut-off for deliveries, she realized she had only one option: to take him literally.


loewymartin said...

And this is where the child says "My mom is AWESOME!!!"