Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's out

As I stood at the corner of the school where Ainsleigh and Donovan part ways to their classrooms, I kissed them each with a, "Goodbye first-grader! Goodbye fourth-grader!" In a few hours it will be summer break and WE ARE READY! Part of me mourns another year flying past, but most of me is looking forward to the days ahead. I've chatted with parents lately about summer plans, and when they ask me what we're doing, I get kind of giddy and say, "NOTHING!" We have little plans here and there, but a whole lot of opportunity to do whatever we want. I like that.

Last week Gemma had her last day of preschool and I can hardly believe that she has just one more year before she joins her siblings at the elementary school. Getting older and recognizing letters and knowing her right from her left doesn't stop those endearing toddler mannerisms that define each child. "It's going to be hot so I want to wear shortsleeves shortsleeves," she'll say. Or, "You're wearing longsleeves longsleeves? I need longsleeves longsleeves to keep me warm." I'm not sure why she has to repeat the word, but I've found myself responding in kind, "It's going to be warm, so put on your shortsleeves shortsleeves." It's like when Joel will occasionally ask where the rubber-mote (remote) is or tell me he is "hun-gee." I suppose she'll drop the habit soon enough. For now I'm totally encouraging it.

So this summer, Ainsleigh is on the swim team, Donovan will join an indoor soccer league, Gemma will blow bubbles, Albus will continue to rip out our weed barrier until we get a new retaining wall built, Joel will continue to prove that working from home is the greatest thing that ever happened to us while working out like He-Man (note to self: buy loincloth), and me? I'm going to oversee all the above, as well as tend our garden (I got overexcited and planted eight tomato and 4 jalapeno plants. Salsa, anyone?), read some books, and train for my first triathlon. We are going to show this summer how summer is DONE.

Happy summer break!