Wednesday, July 25, 2012

memory lane

Sometimes I need to revisit old pictures when my children were small and precious because that helps me not strangle them now when they are big and obnoxious. Not that they didn't have their moments back then, of course, but pictures are silent and still.

Also, I have a bunch of pictures to download from the camera but a couple days ago the download software told me "255 of 260 pictures did not download due to error." Turns out the "error" was that our portable hard drive was full. That means that when Joel bought it, saying, "This will last us forever!" he didn't realize that "forever" means 3 years and 500 gigabytes. So now I've been spending free moments going through and deleting all the blurry (but not in a beautiful way - sometimes blurry photos are cool) photos or ones of backs of heads (again, the unartistic ones) or the ones that highlight 47 chins or unattractive facial expressions (most of mine). I'm making headway! I've already gone through like 5,000 photos! Only 29,000 more to go! (and then I can get to video...)

In the meantime, I found this series of photos from 2007 that reminds me how much I love Donovan's facial expressions:

I was going to make up captions, but I think Dono's expression says it all.

Who would have thought this kid would have a tooth fall out in the middle of the night without realizing it, only to find it down by his feet, wonder what it was, and then go look at himself in the mirror to verify that it was his. Just when I think I "get" this kid, he throws me for a loop.


Becca said...

Awwww these pictures make me sad that they are growing up!! But they are still so cute, even if they can be obnoxious to you.

laura said...

I am dying laughing at Dono's faces. And Ains is so small! Ahhhh.