Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a new love

Did I mention that for my birthday, Joel gave me a road bike? And thus kicks of a series of posts on why my husband is the greatest.

Today's subtopic of husband superiority (I was going to write 'superior husbandry' but then realized that would refer to taking care of horses or livestock, right? and neither one of us has experience, let alone excellence, in that) will address this gift. See, I'm allegedly training for a triathlon (actually, I really am training, but it sounds so...dedicated) and Joel thought I should "just do it the right way." Also, he cited that my parents (and brothers-in-law) are avid cyclists so it was really time to join the club. Also, he said he's giving me a year's headstart before he gets his own and we can ride together while Ainsleigh babysits (we're almost there! WOW!).

So I have this bike. And shoes. And the shoes attach TO the bike. And a wonderful friend who shall remain nameless (you know how you are, you blonde vixen) successfully scared the bejeebers out of me, telling me how hard they are and how you fall all the time and how it will be incredibly stressful and on and on. Which, in retrospect, did me a favor because I've been so paranoid that I haven't fallen over yet (unless you count when I was standing there, clipped in, and I turned my head and then suddenly I was doing the slowest-motion lean-fall in the world, much to the confusion of my friend and landing pad standing next to me. My laughter only added to her confusion - she thought I was playing a joke or something). Every time I successfully stop and start at a light or wherever, I mentally applaud. That's important.

Today, as I took just an hour out of the morning for a solo ride, I understood what my mom meant when she said, "The whole time I'm running I hate it. But the whole time I'm cycling, I love it." While I don't hate running, I don't love every second of it. And I've got to say, I'm loving every second of cycling. It's so much faster! And you cover so much more ground! And sometimes you can rest your legs! And you still burn a ton of calories!

Over a week ago, as Joel and I watched the Tour de France, Joel voice a question that I just happened to know the answer to because I had watched the Prologue. When I supplied the answer, he mockingly replied, "Oh I see - now you know everything because you have clip-in shoes?" Yes. I have been bestowed great knowledge.

But seriously, we are totally HOOKED on the TdF. We've watched every day and it is FASCINATING. (I might even admit I've re-watched a few minutes/hours/whocares) Who knew cycling was a contact sport? (are you watching? did you see that horrific pile-up on Friday?!) And I never realized the strategy that went into it - the teams and the peloton and the leaders and EVERYTHING. And to see this mass of cyclists (the peloton) go careening through these gorgeous towns, it's like a swarm of bees and every single time they split to pass a roundabout I squeal, "That's so COOL." And let me tell you, there are a LOT of roundabouts and, therefore, a lot of squeals.

The only downside is that Joel is disgusted with where we live. "I can't take it any more!" he said at one point. "I can't watch this. It only makes me sad I live here." I, on the other hand, am super grateful for high definition TV.

Between this and watching some of the Olympic trials (and getting excited for the Olympics in my favorite city in the world), I'm watching more sports right now that I have the previous four years combined.

At what age will I watch the Olympics without the small voice in the back of my head saying, "You could do that"?

I guess I should go out and train some more, then.


wanda said...

Don't you just love the music? Sometimes I just go to www.codywestheimer.com and click on the TdF and listen to it. Makes me want to get on my bike some more!

Melin said...

Ainsleigh can babysit and you and Joel can come to our house saturday mornings 5:30 am sharp! Biking is the BEST!! So glad you are loving it.

Kirsten said...

I actually watched the TdF cyclests rush by (twice) in 2005. You wait for hours next to the road and then they pass you in mere seconds. Fascinating stuff.

Alice said...

I love getting 20 miles on the road before 8am. It's so nice to see the beauty of the world from a bike.