Friday, November 2, 2012

debriefing Halloween

This year, Joel let the kids carve their own pumpkins. "Well with the tools these days, it's really safe and easy," nodded a neighbor when I told her. Yeah, well, we didn't HAVE any of these allegedly safe and easy new-fangled tools. We have kitchen knives. But that's what happens when I leave for the night and just goes to prove that while dads may do it differently (and occasionally put lives at stake), it can still be successful. The kids were positively giddy and proud at how their pumpkins turned out. To his credit, Joel did not let Gemma cut her own - she just had to draw what she wanted on her pumpkin and he cut it out. Therefore, this is what she ended up with:

Donovan wanted three eyes, two noses and a mouth. And that's what he cut out:

Ainsleigh, ever the Potter-fan, both drew and cut hers out to reflect such:

On Halloween, the kids suited up and away they went. With a 60-degree evening, it was much nicer for ninjas and princesses not to have to wear bulky coats. They even took Albus and enjoyed the house that was handing out giant dog bones. I've got to note that one for next year!
I like handing out the candy. I thought we had a lot more older kids this year, but they were all extremely grateful and happy and wearing great costumes, so I don't begrudge them trick-or-treating at all. I especially loved that several kids said something along the lines of, "You have a nice house." Such well-mannered children!

Gemma has been saving this dress until Halloween to wear. My mom made it when she was here over a month ago. Sure, we could have gone with the branded Rapunzel dress, but where's the fun in that? Plus, this thing twirls like nobody's business. And it's crazy sturdy. The pictures don't really do it justice (sorry, Mom). I wish I had a dress like that. Anyway, Gemma wore it again the day after Halloween and we went to the grocery store. One man asked, "Just couldn't let Halloween end?" I just smirked and said, "She's 4. Halloween really has nothing to do with dressing up. It's just a day when others do it, too."

And, of course, the kids are already wildly planning what they're going to wear and how they'll carve their pumpkins next year. I know some people don't like Halloween, but while I'm no fan of the bloody gory side, I adore seeing kids in costume. I'm sad to see it end.


laura said...

I am obsessed with their pumpkins! So good. I couldn't stop giggling at Ainsleigh's Harry. What little cuties.