Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A quick Christmas wrap-up

I bought pajamas for the kids' Christmas Eve presents a while ago when there was a sale. I adore the pjs at Hanna Andersson and when I saw they had a set with a robot on them for my robot-obsessed little girl, I was thrilled. The only potential downside was that they were royal blue with orange stripes: from the boy section. I debated whether my very girly girl would be put off by these seemingly boyish pajamas, and ended up buying a second non-robot set of pink pajamas. I figured I'd give her both and see what happened.

In case you didn't know/remember, Gemma loves robots. Like, it was one of her first words. We have spent more hours in church drawing robots to keep her quiet than anything else. We've drawn giant and fat and three-headed and miniature robots. Last year I posted these pictures to display her robot love. My only beef with the robot-producing world is that they are always so boyish. Where are the accessories? Where are the pastels? Can't we mix it up?!

When Christmas Eve was coming to a close, she tore into her gift with gusto. She pulled out the pajamas and squealed, "TWO pajamas?!" She gushed over the pink owl pajamas and then squealed at the robots. Her eyes seemed drawn to the pink ones, though, so I casually asked which pjs she wanted to wear to bed that night. Without pausing a second, she screamed, "ROBOTS!" And then began to tear off her clothes.

It was awesome.

She hasn't given the pink ones a second thought. And she was further delighted by the robot magnets Santa brought her (mix and match magnet heads/bodies/arms/legs) and the robot lunchbox her Grandma sent. Priceless. I mean, it all came with a price, but her reaction and love is priceless.

Donovan desperately wanted a particular Lego set. I am the master at planting a seed and then occasionally expressing my concern that Santa won't be able to bring it. I get this from my parents. There was also a Lego figure that he wanted, but back in early December we looked on line and he appeared to be sold out everywhere. And out of production. When Donovan said Santa could make it, I had to explain that sometimes he can't make enough. Donovan won't know until he is much older that not only was Santa absolutely going to make this happen, but that he already had it in transit. The point is, on Christmas Day, Donovan must have said half a dozen times, "I am really excited for my (leg set), because that's what I really wanted, but I had no idea Santa would be able to bring me (Lego Dude). It's like a miracle."

Ainsleigh has been thrilled with her Kindle Fire and art supplies. Donovan received some excellent art things, too, but was getting frustrated that his drawings weren't as good as Ainsleigh's. I heard Joel say, "It's fine, Donovan. Ainsleigh has been drawing since before you were born." Donovan replied, "Well I got an art set for Christmas!" And Ainsleigh piped up, "Well I've got an art set in my head." That sounds about right.

I love Christmas. Not just the excitement and the surprise, but the having absolutely nothing I HAVE to do. I love the casual schedule, the sleeping in, the new books to read, movies to watch, toys to play with. I love that we play as a family with Legos and origami and the Wii. I love that we're all home and the kids are laughing with each other and sharing their new treasures easily with one another. This is the part of Christmas I love. The time between Christmas and New Year's which then signals time to get moving again.

For now, I'm going to go help with some more Lego construction, perhaps color on Gemma's giant cardboard castle, watch Joel put his telescope together, and read with Ainsleigh. Or play with my new iPhone. Then we'll watch a movie. And then I'll probably eat another cinnamon roll.

Merry Christmas.

ps - have you heard of the GoPro camera? My parents generously gave us one for Christmas and we have been watching videos of how amazing these things are. Joel is totally pumped. This, coupled with our most recent viewing of a Warren Miller film, has Donovan rethinking how he's going to ski. It also has me rethinking how I clean the house. I'm considering a future in pay-per-view extreme cleaning. Consider it my version of porn. Stay tuned.

pps - pictures to follow. I can only handle one thing at a time right now.