Thursday, January 31, 2013

part elf, confirmed

When Donovan was a tiny baby, (and I use the word "tiny" loosely - observe:)
I had someone remark that he looked like an elf. While I was a little annoyed, merely because I was defensive about him having red hair and worrying that people would call him a leprechaun, I had to admit his eyes seemed to slant a little and did give off that impression. Plus, he did a lot of smiling, which made the corners of his eyes crinkle and gave him a jolly aura. But you can bet that I am militant about chopping any sideburns off, even as he has gotten older.

Last night, while I was eating dinner with the kids, I became aware of something Donovan was doing. I was speechless (but only for a little while). How are you doing that? Are you gritting your teething? Are you exercising some muscle? HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT? To vex me further, he just giggled and continued to eat while doing...well...this:

He maintains that he doesn't know how he taught himself that, but he would think about it and practice while watching himself brush his teeth in the bathroom mirror. Huh. It's so weird. Out of all the little hereditary skills (rolling your tongue, sitting in a squat with feet flat, etc) out there, we never even considered this one.

"Maybe I'm part elf after all, Mom," the boy supplied.

I guess so. Heaven knows the boy loves candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. And I have been calling him Buddy for a while... That's it -- no more Lucky Charms for you, unless you can bring us a pot of gold.


loewymartin said...

Too cute :) Now Alia and I are sitting here moving our ears too. So, he's in good company!