Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Growing up, in three parts.

Part I: Gemma.
I received the letter from the elementary school indicating that Gemma was assigned to morning kindergarten (vs. afternoon). My first thought, "Oh. Wait. What? Kindergarten? Right. Um...ok." Second thought, "YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!" Gemma still naps most of the time (her choice) and so this is the timeslot I really wanted (along with most everyone else).

Part II: Ainsleigh.
The dentist mentioned that while her teeth will need braces (ugh, but sure), they aren't so bad that we need to do any preliminary work. And then finished it with, "So between the ages of 12 and 13 should be fine. You know, in a year and a half or so." I had been nodding along with him until he said that and suddenly I was all, "Whatchoo talkin bout, Willis?!" But then I realized that our dentist, being younger than me, might not realize I was quoting an old tv show.

Part III: Donovan.
Last night, I opened up his door after the 30 minutes of reading time before sleep and said another Good Night. He picked his head up.
D: Um, Mom?
Me: What?
D: I have a question.
Me: What?
D: I have a question.
Me: I know, I said what about the question.
D: Um...I forgot.
I figured it was a stalling tactic, so I said another, "OkgoodnightIloveyou-"
D: Wait, it's not a question. I wanted to tell you something.
Hmm, this is a little more interesting.
Me: What?
D:'s crush.
WHOA - this JUST got interesting. I'll even walk back into your room for this one.
Me: Ok. What about your crush?
D: It's...(whispering) Sydney.
I volunteer in his classroom once a week. Sydney is one of the kids in the accelerated writing group I work with. Sydney is adorable. Sydney is a good choice. I nod.
Me: Do other boys have a crush on Sydney?
D: Yes. David. Maybe Gavin.
Me: You know you don't have to have a crush on someone, just because others talk about it, right?
D: Mawwwwm. I know! I've liked her since FIRST GRADE!
Me: Ok, ok! And that's fine. I just didn't want you thinking you had to like someone. But thank you for telling me. I love that.
D: Don't tell ANYONE, Ok?!
Me: Ok. Your secret is safe with me.
D: Not even Dad.
Me: Really?
D: Well. I'll tell Dad. When I'm ready.
Me: Ok. That sounds good.
D: Wait, no. That might get...uncomfortable. You can tell him. But tell him IT'S A SECRET.
Me: Ok, buddy. Thank you for telling me. Please always tell me your secrets.
Unspoken: and I promise I won't share most of them on the internet.
Joel: Did I tell you not to tell anyone? Just wanted to make sure you didn't announce it on your calls today.

So let's sum up: Gemma is going to kindergarten, Ainsleigh will be a teenager before too long, and Donovan likes girls. All of these are steps that are good and healthy and I'm grateful for them, but they're still all steps that remind me my babies aren't really babies any more.

That must explain why I took a two-hour nap today. They're pro- and I'm re-gressing.


laura said...

Ugh why are they so old? I'm pretty sure I expressly forbade this.

Annie said...

CUTE post.