Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cake pops!

A few days before my mom arrived, she informed me that she was going to make cake pops with the kids. Oh all right - if you MUST. This saved me from making yet another chocolate cake with marshmallows. Whee! It also meant my mom had to buy me a chocolate melting pot. UGH. WORST MOM EVER.

I love how Ainsleigh is like, "I'm kind of a pro at this."

Gemma might have cupped, more than rolled, at first.

 Proudly showing her baby.

 Donovan's mound, pre-rolling.

Made some large ones to go on sticks, and then some smaller ones to just pop into our mouths. 

But seriously, it was fun to watch. The kids had a great time and I think my mom did, too, though she did remark at one point that this was a lot easier with older kids/adults. Heh.  Gemma had a hard time remembering NOT to lick her hands. She must have had to wash them about 12 times.

Donovan, a bit pensive about his decorating technique.

 "I just can't stop eating the sprinkles!"

 The mastermind.

Can you tell we're working with sprinkles from different holidays?

Birthday boy and his cake pops.

Good times with Grandma. Also, doesn't her hair look amazing? I mean, it always does, but she went to my hairdresser while she was here and got the royal treatment. At one point he said to her, "I bet when Sarah's husband met you he said, 'Yessssss!' didn't he?" My mom laughed and shrugged. But he did. He totally did.


laura said...

Ugh mom, why are you so hot? Love the cake pops and Gemma's hand-licking. Wish I could've been there!

Kellie Knapp said...

You mom IS crazy hot, I'm obsessed with how long Gemma's hair is, and now I want a cake pop...or 5 of them. YAY FOR GRANDMAS!