Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breaking news: corn tortillas are delicious again.

If you have recently become enamored with tacos using corn tortillas and, wanting to replicate such deliciousness in your home, have sought out corn tortillas in the grocery store only to be vexed by their quality, then I have news for you. No longer must I try a new brand or technique. No longer must we take one bite and watch as everything falls onto our plates, calling it "tacos deconstructed" in an effort to make ourselves feel better. No longer must I research where Rubio's gets their corn tortillas, and then consider whether the high shipping rate from the distributor would be worth it (this consideration usually takes place under furrowed brow and over tacos deconstructed). Oh no. NO LONGER!

Have you had the flour tortillas that you cook yourself? I've purchased them at Costco, but word on the streets has it they're available in other fine markets. WELL. The lovely people at TortillaLand have seen fit to create (drumroll) CORN TORTILLAS!

I tried not to jump out of my shoes when I saw them in the refrigerator case at Costco. Very casually, I strolled over. "Act cool, Sarah. Stay CALM," I coached myself (I have to do this a lot in my life). As if I couldn't care less, I opened the glass door and pulled out a bag (of 3 packs of 20!) and then kind of shrugged and put them in my cart. Then I sauntered over to the frozen fish and got some tilapia loins and rounded out the first hatchings of a brilliant plan by plucking a bag of avocados. Genius was at work.

As my sisters (and maybe even you) know full well, nothing gets me more excited than a food find. (wait, have I written about the oil and vinegar place I found? NO?! Travesty. I'll get there.) I love fish tacos. LOVE. I also love making them at home. But, thanks to Easter candy and the upcoming Denver Century (cycling! 100 miles! and I'm getting Joel to do it with me!), I need to do a little better at healthy cooking. So a quick perusal of Pinterest and recipe sites revealed exactly what I was going to make for dinner. All cradled lovingly in the sweet soft goodness of my new best friend, the corn tortilla.

I started by making a little rub to blacken the fish. Honestly, I might not have needed this part. But it took like 27 seconds, so who cares. I found the recipe from a blog that also had a recipe for cliantro lime quinoa - why haven't *I* thought of this?! The rub is simple:
½ Teaspoon of Paprika
¼ Teaspoon of Salt
¼ Teaspoon of Pepper
¼ Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
¼ Teaspoon of Onion Powder
¼ Teaspoon of Cumin
With young children, I did less on the cayenne and a little more on the paprika. Also, I doubled it. Then I sprinkled all that on my tilapia loins. Except for one loin, because I ran out. And then I figured it was a good thing because who knows what Donovan and Gemma's opinion would be on the spice. Especially since I was making a sauce.
½ Cup Greek Yogurt
2 Tablespoons lime juice
2 Tablespoons (but it might have been more like 4) chopped cilantro
½ Teaspoon ground chipotle peppers (this is a guess - I just sprinkled some in)
Let that sit there. This is another time when I pat myself on the back for having a giant bag of lime juice ice cubes in my freezer. And ground chipotle peppers. A little goes a long way. Our sinuses are now clear.

Then make the cilantro-lime quinoa from the above blog (spoiler: make your quinoa in chicken broth, then stir in a tablespoon of lime juice and some chopped cilantro. also some salt and peper. the end.).

Oh wait - I did cook the fish. Since we were having a "blizzard" (and by that I mean, everyone said we'd have a blizzard but really it was just freakishly cold and snowed a little and blew a lot and they cancelled school and we just played and played and ate fish tacos), I opted to broil the fish. 5 minutes a side. Flake it a little so it fits pleasingly on the tortilla.

The tortillas cook in about 45 seconds and they are GOOD. No cracking, no falling apart, and so FLAVORFUL. I left one in the pan a little longer than recommended, but you know what? It was kind of crunchy. Like a tostada, but with NO FRYING.

In closing, do yourself a favor and go buy those tortillas. They are, quite possibly, the best find I've made in a long time. Except for the oil and vinegar store. I'm like the Meriwether Lewis of food.


janine said...

okay, so where did you purchase the corn ones?

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Oh my, oh my. I think I might just have to make this whole meal :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds much better and grislier the way I learned it: "...of a dead kangaroo." Dead parakeet, etc.