Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Skiing. I think I like it.

three nerds in a gondola

For three years now, Joel has used just about every Saturday from December to April to snowboard. What makes this noteworthy (other than being Coloradoans who do, actually, ski), is that he has almost always taken at least one child, if not both older ones, with him. From the beginning, I took a largely unhelpful stance. I will admit to not being super excited about skiing, knowing full well the day would come when I would be expected to squeeze into those ski boots that could be aptly nicknamed PYTHONS. Plus, it wasn't hard to be unhelpful when I was also ignorant about most of it. The only thing I suggested (which was pretty brilliant, if I do say so myself) was to keep all the boots in a laundry basket with a beach towel folded up at the bottom. This makes putting them in/out of the car easy, and minimizes snow in the trunk.

In the past three years, the kids have gone from not knowing anything about skiing, to black diamonds (moguls, if Donovan has his way). Now that Gemma is old enough to go (and so, therefore, am I), I get to reap the rewards of Joel's hundreds of hours of dedication to family fun. And now it's just begun with Gemma. (We keep meaning to spray paint her helmet pink. Without the tell-tale braids or ponytail, people think she's a boy. She only cares about the lift attendants who call her Jenna.)

words cannot adequately express how much I love Dono wearing his beard beanie,
especially when it gets powder crusted on it. he's a big hit wherever he goes.
Here's a secret: I love that this is Joel's thing. I love that Ainsleigh gets antsy in about September/October, willing it to snow early so ski season can start. I love that I can sit back and look at my kids being awesome and say, "I had nothing to do with this." Is that weird? I guess it's just that I feel like I am so entrenched in their lives (trench - that's a good word, reminiscent of WWI warfare) - and rightly so since it's my JOB - that I appreciate it even more when Joel is solely responsible for something. And let's be clear - this "something" is HUGE.

goofing around on the chairlift

So this year I have actually enjoyed skiing. Joel has been kind enough to give me pointers about what the "cool kids do" and how not to look like a total dork. Don't let that fool you - I have no qualms about making disclaimers to everyone at the top of the terrain park that I'm a MOM and probably shouldn't be doing jumps. I know some women wouldn't like it, but I love it when the teenagers cheer, "Way to go, Mom!" Like I've just adopted 7 kids. One of the best things about going skiing is the french fries. Keystone's french fries are the stuff of dreams. I know this because I've actually dreamed about them.

So here are a few more phone pictures I've come across from this season, and seasons past. Perhaps I can even find some video.

Three different days, same two kids, one awesome dad:

Here's video of Gemma skiing. You can see her come down, like a giant starfish. This is her first real season. She's now looking for the little ways on the side to go off jumps or through trees. The only problem is that she doesn't always have the weight to carry her momentum up over jumps.

And here's some footage of a run with Donovan. It's a little longer, but I'm just astounded at his ability. In this case, astounded means terrified and proud.

Dare I admit I'm sad ski season is over?


Becca said...

Austin and I are very impressed! And you're skiing like a pro too! Look at those parallel skis. I think you've caught up to me. Wahhh.

Gemma is awesome though...she was bombing that hill. I love when kids do that. Austin remarked, "Ya, Donovan is going to be an awesome skier." I think the main reason we look forward to having kids is to have a crew to ski with. Love the mountains!

NancyO said...

What fun!