Monday, April 22, 2013

Stomp Rockets!

Stomp rockets have got to be one of the best toys out there. Donovan had some a few years ago, but due to time and, well, DONOVAN, let's just say he didn't have them any more. Recently he wistfully noted he wished he had more stomp rockets. Thank you, child, for choosing to make this request 10 days before your birthday when I am wondering what in the heck to get a child who seems to have everything.

The kids had fun propelling them into the atmosphere. Gemma tried once and kind of bounced off the stomp pad (not really sure how that happened) so opted to just run around. Donovan would make a game of stomping as hard as possible and then trying to run and catch it before it hit the street. Mostly, it was just a chorus of laughter out there. On this warm winter day (this was early March), I could believe spring just might happen some day. Except that today, which is actually a spring day, it's snowing. That's about as un-awesome as it gets.