Thursday, August 15, 2013

ok, summer break happened. and now it's over.

Summer break is over. What? Yep. Weep.

The kids started school on Monday but I was still running a fever, so it didn't really register until Wednesday. Let me back up.

Joel and I, along with some friends, had registered to ride the Red Rocks (metric) Century the Saturday before school started. I wasn't too worried about it because a metric century is "only" 62 miles, far less than the 100 we did in June. The catch? We would be doing over 5000 feet of climbing, that's MORE than we did over the 100. Again, though, I wasn't too worried because climbing means you also get to descend, which just happens to be one of my favorite things. The problem arose when, Friday morning, I woke up with a sore throat and a mild fever. I spent the day doing as little as possible and eating my weight in vitamin C. I was not going to miss this event.

Saturday morning, I didn't feel great, but I was also really looking forward to this ride, so I pulled it together, ate a banana, and off we went. One thing I should note: the race information indicated that the grade would max at 9%. This was a lie. At one point, we came around a bend in the road and I snorted at what lay ahead.

"You've GOT to be kidding me," I yelled (to Joel, or whoever else). "We're supposed to RIDE up that?" It was like a concrete wall, with cyclists pedaling so slowly on the steep parts, it almost looked like drunk driving. In reviewing my Garmin data later, it revealed that grade was more in the neighborhood of 22-25%. NO JOKE.

This was the first of about four such climbs. A dropped chain, a flat tire, and an extra almost 800 feet of climbing before we got to descend back to the finish line (new fastest speed - 44 mph!). We celebrated our finish with the most delicious tacos I've ever eaten. (disclaimer: similar to how hospital food tastes gourmet after having a baby, so, too, does food after the finish line)

We came home, showered, and everything hit me full force. I spent the next 36 hours moving from bed to couch to refrigerator (pie!) to back to bed. A fever and sore throat were joined with congestion and body aches.

But the kids were starting school! I need to be there! I was supposed to be with Gemma in the classroom for the first hour of her first day of kindergarten! So what if I forgot my kids' snacks. So what if I forgot Gemma's school supplies. The next day I managed to mistakenly pack Gemma's lunch into her backpack instead of her snack (I make her lunch at the same time as the other kids'). This wouldn't be a problem if Gemma's class wasn't a peanut-free zone and I didn't have a PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH in there. Luckily, I remembered that mix-up minutes before snack time, called the school in a panic, and avoided poisoning another child.

I'm sure the office, and the teacher, think I'm a disaster. On Wednesday, another parent commented joyfully, "You look so nice today!" Um, yeah, I showered and actually dried my hair. I'm off to a stellar start.

Things are getting back on track. The kids are each having a great time, so far. Ainsleigh is in sixth grade. WHAT? Yes. And, a lot of the time, I have to step back and look at her, thinking, "Ok, I guess she's doing this."

Donovan is owning third grade. I asked if he was the captain of their desk-cluster or something when I heard the door monitor dismissing tables and referred to his as "Donovan's table."Dono just shrugged, "No. I guess people just think of my name first." Heh.

And Gemma went from clutching my hand and looking at me leave on Monday with tear-filled eyes, to telling me today, "You can stay here. I'm going to walk to my line by myself," when we were a good 10 yards from the line. Um...ok then.

The house is weirdly quiet in the morning. Joel has even left for a couple mornings for meetings downtown. Albus looks at me like, "It's just you and me? Well that's just great." And then he flops down with a giant annoyed sigh and goes to sleep.

I'm going to download photos from my phone. Soon. Probably. I'm sure I'm missing something important. Oh yeah - our WHOLE SUMMER.


Becca said...

Ughhh ever since GoogleReader went down, I tried Feedly and then now it doesn't work, so I've missed all of these posts!! Austin and I were reading them and taking notes on what to do when we have kids. I look forward to thinking of creative repercussions for acting out. Fabulous. And those blog books look awesome!! I want to see them in person!