Monday, February 3, 2014

Orlando, part 1: Departure

Welcome to picture-overload. There will be a barrage of both "good camera" photos as well as our iphone pictures. You've been warned.

Anticipation for our trip, for the kids at least, started on December 25. They received an envelope with the following booklet:
(see how Santa made sure that the kids wouldn't expect a trip every year? so smart.)

(there were maps to the parks for us to look over)

It's nice to be married to someone who can just whip this up in a matter of minutes. We had decided back in October that this would be the "big gift" this year and it just about killed me to keep it a secret. Then Ainsleigh was sick for so long that we began to worry our plans would be jeopardized. Luckily, she rallied, so we were all set.

On Wednesday morning, I got up at 5:30. At 6am, there was a little knock on my bathroom door. A squinting, grinning Gemma greeted me, "I'm ready to go to Orlando!" I leaned over to hug this little nugget of love and discovered she even had her backpack on already. Over her nightgown.

After I convinced her to put on actual clothes and woke up the other kids, we ate a quick breakfast and headed out.

Shuttle bus to the airport

Getting ready for take-off

Looking at America 

a little product placement for you

enormous leaves in Florida

Let me say two things we observed about our first hours in Orlando:

1) the produce in Florida is terrible. This is perplexing to us, considering that we get better produce in mountain-locked Colorado. But Florida, a peninsula, with ample opportunity to receive shipments of fresh produce, is terrible.

2) Trust Yelp. Ainsleigh requested tacos, so I Yelped a place that looked a little confusing on the outside (is it open? is it a restaurant? is it safe?) but provided us with the most delicious tacos and ceviche tostadas I've ever tasted. AND, we ate (more than) our fill, had a couple specialty drinks, left a hefty tip, and still got out for $30. I figured it was good karma for the amount we were about to unload.


My only complaint, really, was that Orlando was experiencing a rare cold spell (polar vortex or something?) so we were quite chilly in the morning. Hence, the abundance of coats for our entire trip. Oh well, it was Orlando, so still magical.

Stay tuned for Orlando 2014, part 2: Magic Kingdom...