Thursday, February 6, 2014

Orlando, part 2a: Magic Kingdom

My only complaint about Orlando was the temperatures. We have plenty of weather in Colorado that require coats, so it was a little annoying to fly somewhere that's supposed to be warm, and bring our coats with us. I guess it's better than being so hot you sweat through your clothes, which we did in 2009.
Before we left Colorado, I asked Gemma if she wanted to bring the Rapunzel dress her Grandma made a couple Halloweens ago. She agreed that would be a good idea. She didn't realize this was a BRILLIANT idea. For the first hour or so, whenever people would say, "Hello Rapunzel!" or "So good to see you, Rapunzel!" Gemma would act kind of confused, as if she hated to break it to them, and would respond, "Oh I'm not the real Rapunzel!" Finally I told her, "They KNOW. They're just pretending, like all of this stuff here. So just smile and wave and say hello back." She needed no more encouragement. She walked through that park like she owned the place, waving and greeting and twirling. We had many people ask where we got the dress, because it was obviously of a different (higher) quality than the mass-produced flimsy dresses Disney puts out. When I told them my mom made it, the envy in the air was palpable. It was awesome.

Also, I'm just going to say it right here: There will be quite a few pictures of kids making weird faces. That's what kids do. Also, anytime Gemma actually looked AT the camera, an angel got their wings. Or something like that.

 On the tram from the parking lot. 

 Obligatory Main Street Disney family shot.

A pack of redheads take Magic Kingdom. I'm sorry, but I can't help it: walking down Main Street is emotional for me. It's a combination of nostalgia over what I remember experiencing and anticipation on behalf of my children. It costs a heck of a lot of money as you walk through those gates, but once you're through it just seems so perfect. I love it.

Rapunzel, outside her tower.

A little excited for Thunder Mountain Railroad? I guess that's what my face is saying. This would be Gemma's first "rollercoaster." I was curious to see how she would react, and hopeful that she would enjoy herself. I had no idea that she would become obsessed with rollercoasters. It was like someone injected a hefty dose of endorphins and adrenaline into the kid. She begged and begged for more fast rides. It was kind of weird but mostly awesome.

Thunder Mountain Railroad selfies. Good job, Joel. I should also say right here that Donovan is your ideal companion on rides. He goes from clapping to fist-pumping to yelling, "This is AWESOME!" about 47 times and back to clapping and laughing. It is hilarious and I love it. Even when we are feeling some extreme G-forces (like on Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom), he is laughing and yelling, "This is AWESOME!" No, dude. YOU are awesome.

As we exited Thunder Mountain and began to wend our way toward the Haunted Mansion, we stumbled upon the beginnings of a street party (as one does) in Frontierland. I don't necessarily have any feelings for Clarabelle, but hats off to the girl who has the leg poses just so, despite her enormous shoes. 

Gemma was one of the first kids picked to join in, and join in she certainly did. After one turn around the...(dance floor?) she quickly unzipped her jacket, thus freeing her skirt for more movement and also to be more Rapunzel-esque (though I'm pretty sure Rapunzel had a reliable hoodie for those chillier days).

Even Donovan got into it. Good sport, buddy.

I love this face.
A little hokey pokey for you. Even Joel was like, "I forgot they did this. It's such a small thing on the scale of Disney, but it's also such an essential part. Like they just happened to break into song and dance." I'm glad we were there at that time. As the kids skipped away, they really felt like they were a part of something.

Then it was off to the stocks, obviously, where we left them for the rest of the day.
Or for a couple minutes before heading to the Haunted Mansion. Gemma HATED the Haunted Mansion. I cannot stress that enough. She asked several cast members if it was real, I guess not believing me. Even though at the end when you behold in the mirrors that you have a ghost sitting on top of your carriage and our ghost farted on us, she still hated it and vowed to never ever ever go on it again until she was at least 10. Which actually works out well for our plans, financially speaking.

It's a Small World! with Gemma still chewing her granola bar. This was the ride where my dad would tell us kids to sit in the front so he and my mom could "make out in the back." I tried that line out on my kids and they thought that was just weird. Also, I'm sure the guy in back of us appreciated that I was vetoed. (Joel was in favor, though.)

Donovan said, "I kind of like and kind of hate this ride." I informed him that a lot of people share his feelings, including his own Grandpa.

On to the Royal Carrousel!

Playing the drums in line for the Winnie the Pooh ride. The line was almost moving too quickly to enjoy these little diversions.

I could have spent some serious time on these walls. You wipe off the "honey" trickling down to reveal a picture underneath. Something about it was very therapeutic. Donovan made a honey angel:

The obligatory ride on Dumbo. Gemma said she liked it, but "it was kind of also just dumb." Ok fine.

Obviously he is not the Chosen One. As if there were any questions to the contrary.

I think those are enough pictures for now. This is getting out of control. Especially considering that I'm not posting all of the pictures Joel edited (which are not even all the pictures we took).


Becca said...

I can't believe I'm just seeing these all now!! Why do you look so amazing in all these pictures at a THEME PARK of all places.

And why do I feel slightly choked up even as I read about all this?? Why is Disneyland so amazing?!