Friday, February 7, 2014

Orlando, part 2b: Magic Kingdom

Lunch in the castle! It's ridiculously expensive, but mandatory (in my book). First, you're in the castle. Second, a bunch of princesses come waltzing through and you don't have to wait in line to seem them (efficiency!). Third, the food is actually quite delicious.

First stop, the lobby, where Cinderella welcomes you to her castle. Who knew she has a jacket to match her dress? Apparently when it dips below 60 she does! Gemma was entranced. Cinderella greeted her as one princess to another, "Hello Rapunzel! So good to see you again! How is Pascal?"

As we were waiting to be called up ("Now presenting, Lady Sarah and her family..." YES. I demand all restaurants to work this way), Cinderella was socializing with her guests, giving Gemma the chance for one more hug.

Examining the royal fare. She skipped on the tenderloin (what?) and opted for the chicken strips and fruit. To her credit, she ate the whole thing. And there was a lot of chicken there! A girl works up quite the appetite at Magic Kingdom!

Donovan came back from the bathroom and said, "I wasn't sure where to go. One door said 'Lords' and I didn't think that was right, but the other one said 'Ladies' so I thought, 'Ok, I guess I'm a Lord.'" Good process of elimination there, buddy.

Joel snapped this pic on his phone just as Gemma breathed reverently, "Is this a REAL castle?"

Snow White asking Donovan if he was part of the group of boys who had been sneaking out of the castle with her pies. He denied it, but I wouldn't put it past him.

Posing as Snow White does. Her voice and hand gestures were right on. I don't know how they keep it up.

Sleeping Beauty, barbie edition?

Jasmine. Joel's favorite. I offered to get a picture of just him and her, but he declined. You gotta think that there are those who don't decline, right? Poor sexy Jasmine.

Gemma spotted Ariel coming toward our table, and Joel snapped a picture at the right moment.

We had to get a redhead picture. Joel's response was, "Standing with Ariel, you guys don't really look like you have red hair any more." She was adorable. Also, I might want her dress.

After lunch we hit the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Joel and I love this place. I remember, as a kid, thinking, "Is this where they really lived? Or did they just ship it here from the island?" I still might kind of feel that way. Joel and I were discussing how we could hide in the park past closing and then camp in the Treehouse. It could happen.

Jungle Cruise! Perhaps my favorite ride. I am a sucker for a pun, so this ride is heaven. Poor foreigners who don't get most of them. Meanwhile, I am giggling and clapping at the guide who is deadpanning puns left and right. Classic.

 Will the natives eat us this time? Will the hippos tip us over? Who cares! The puns are awesome!

Family photo in front of Cinderella's castle.

"Mom, I was a way better driver this time," he said. Well, last time he was 4 and couldn't reach the pedals. So, yeah.

Getting ready to watch the fireworks. Trying to hold verrrrrry still for a long exposure.

Glow sticks are a must.

 The fireworks and light show on the castle really are spectacular.

Waiting to greet Rapunzel.

"Oh my gosh, do you want to stay here and greet people for me? Nobody would know the difference!"

Who is who?!

Look at Donovan's face. Rapunzel has just asked him if he can be Flynn Rider (her love interest).

Donovan, unable to tell who is who.

A farewell hug. Pure bliss.

Last picture of the night.

Such a great day, despite cooler-than-anticipated temperatures (you didn't know Rapunzel wore leggings and ladybug socks? it's her thing). We might look into whether they hire whole families. I could live there. The kids were really fantastic - going all day until we left at nearly 10pm. This was probably one of my favorite days in a long, long time. I love being there, and I love seeing my kids' faces and reactions to everything around them. I know it's cliche to say, but what a magical place. For a day, we can believe in ghosts and magic and princesses and everything that you believed was true as a child, and ride roller coasters and dance in the streets. And we're together as a family. That, my friends, is a little piece of heaven.

Sidenote: eat a churro. eat a cream-filled pretzel under the Astro-orbiter. And go to the laugh floor. It's kind of amazing how they sync animation with real-time stand-up comics voicing said animation (like, they were pulling people from the audience and then Mike Wazowski was riffing off what they said. Maybe I'm simple, but it kind of blew my mind).


PaloAltoCougar said...

I love this report, and not just because it brings back so many great memories or our previous visits there. I'm still amused by how Dono turned beet red, but was obviously thrilled, when Cinderella kissed him five years ago.

laura said...

Maybe it is cliche, but I agree! I still get choked up during the fireworks show when they play "When You Wish Upon A Star" (I'm getting choked up right now just thinking about it!").

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Oh I love eating in Cinderella's Castle. I went as a little girls and it was magical :) Gemma's really gotten a lot of use out of that dress :)

Becca said...

Yup…you got me. Started tearing up. then the doorbell rang and I had to quickly act like I wasn't tearing up!

Becca said...

Oh and Snow White was weird looking. But Ariel looks awesome.