Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Orlando, part 3: Animal Kingdom

Joel: You don't have to post every picture I edit.
Me: I know. I'm not.
Joel: That's a lot of pictures there.
Me: Yeah, well, which ones should I delete? And besides, my family and your family are probably ok with it. Anyone else can skip it. And we spent a lot of money on this trip, so I want documentation.
Joel: Carry on.

ANIMAL KINGDOM! I know it isn't everyone's favorite, and while it isn't my favorite, I certainly love it. I'm a sucker for animals. We arrived like 3 minutes early and got a prime parking space, so I already felt like we were off to a great start.

First stop, DinoLand. It seemed like we were the only people there, so we hopped on the Triceratops Spin and took some pictures.
portrait of a selfie

Joel, Ainsleigh and Dono then jumped on the Primeval Whirl, but Gemma was too short (cue whining/tears) so we went back to the Triceratops ride. Doesn't Ainsleigh look thrilled?

you can't tell in this picture, but even Ainsleigh was laughing hysterically at this point.

all better, little girl.

Trying on some hats.

In line at Dinosaur! and then on the ride. I don't think I had my eyes closed the ENTIRE time.

our general reaction to Dinosaur!

Donovan in a dinosaur

Gemma playing on the ropes

Ainsleigh on a dinosaur

Me, sitting on a dinosaur. Whatever.

Watching the Finding Nemo show

I love the carvings on the Tree of Life

Lunch of ribs and chicken, with Everest in the background

I should take this opportunity to mention how much Gemma loved Expedition Everest. I was a little nervous since my body doesn't handle g-forces like it used to, and I wondered how her little one would do. I shouldn't have worried. First of all, I've got Donovan cackling wildly in back of me, shouting, "This is AWESOME! This is AWWWWWWESOME!" about 87 times. I think there was some clapping. Second, while Gemma seemed permanently latched to my arm, and I was sure would burst into tears at any second, she, too, echoed Donovan's sentiments (albeit a bit quieter) until the part where the Yeti tears up the track and you plummet backward to certain death. The point is, by the time we finished and exited the car, she was bouncing off the walls and shouting, "Yes! Yesssss! Let's do that AGAIN!" I said maybe later, my stomach needed a break. Plus, we were due for a safari.

But first, some drumming!

A bunch of redheads looking at a bunch of fish,
or a bunch of fish looking at a bunch of redheads?

Donovan, having a tete-a-tete with a goat.

On the train.

Donovan decided to make a dumb sound so I decided to stick my finger in his armpit.
It's his achilles heel, so to speak.

Looking at animals on safari.

Just a part of India. Or something.

And then it was back to Everest, so the begging and pleading would stop. This girl is a thrill-seeker, though from the pictures you'd think she was more of a victim. You really need to open them up bigger (if possible) to see Gemma's face. And the one where you can see Donovan is pretty standard for him.

So I bought her a hat to remember how brave and awesome she was that day:

Disney makes some beautiful sets.

Not sure what Gemma is doing here, but it kind of makes the picture awesome.

Gemma's wingspan.

This might be my favorite picture of the trip.
It's just so weird and wonderful, perfectly capturing my kids' personalities.
What weirdos. Wonderful weirdos.

And that's about it for Animal Kingdom. It was a quieter day than Magic Kingdom, concluding at 6 instead of 10, but that gave us ample time to get some dinner and showers before the we crashed for the night. Good times.


NancyO said...

I love Animal Kingdom too. Fun pictures!