Monday, March 17, 2014

Donovan's goats

Sometimes I read back over entries I made when Donovan was two and three and four and laugh over his antics and imagination. Sometimes I wonder if he'll ever be that funny again. And then there are nights like tonight where I think he only gets better.

As I mentioned previously, he does a pretty amusing goat impression. I'll have to actually record it. But anyway, he was talking about his day and mentioned "his goats." Ainsleigh nodded along, as if this were old news. Joel and I looked at each other, confused, and I asked for clarification.

"Oh yeah," Donovan said. "I've got a bunch of goats." He starts ticking them off his fingers, "There's Jimmy and Larry and Jimmy's best friend Frederick and Larry's girlfriend Kari and I've got 10 goats  named Gary..."

I was amused by the imagination he has that decides he's going to have pet goats, but I almost couldn't breathe from laughing at the idea of him naming goats and then getting to a clump of ten and saying, "Ok, you're all going to be named Gary."

Donovan doesn't lack for imagination. He often entertains his sisters by latching onto an idea and then going with it (common subject: ninjas, penguins, gerbils, secret agents). Long after I have tired of the story, his sisters listen rapturously. The kid doesn't lack for self-confidence, and that's a good thing.

Later, as he galloped upstairs to brush his teeth, making goat noises along the way, we heard him calling his goats and then yelling, "Bad goat, Jimmy!" I don't know what Jimmy did, but maybe he's the one who keeps leaving Donovan's underwear on the floor.


Alice said...

I love that two of his goats are best friends!