Friday, April 4, 2014

Orlando, part 5: More Harry Potter

I couldn't figure out why we had so few pictures of Harry Potter World (aka Universal's Islands of Adventure's Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and then it occurred to me: I never uploaded the pictures we took with our actual camera, not just our phones. Dir.

Prepare for the onslaught (and rest assured I'm not posting ALL of our photos because that would be ridiculous).

Applauding the Hogwarts choir, or something.

From how many angles can we photograph Hogwarts?

Ride in Seuss-land. Ainsleigh didn't trust the cartoon colors and slow pace -
she was sure there was a hidden upside-down section somewhere.

We got to Jurassic world in time to see a dinosaur hatch!
"'s not real," Donovan said. 

Being entertained by the stunt show.

outside Poseidon's Fury

Angle 2: Whole family outside Hogwarts

Hogwarts Express, with a Gemma who just won't quit the poses

Angle 3 - this is what we paid for!

Ropes course



Angle 4 - seriously, it's really fantastic.

Angle 5 - night time!

Bonus angle: with Katherine and Ryan

Hogsmeade. Obviously I'm out of order. Who cares.
storming Honeydukes (the candy shoppe)
Angle 6: "waiting" in line
(not really waiting - letting people pass us so we could walk slowly and soak up the whole scene)
Joel shot over his shoulder to catch this gem of us on "Flight of the Hippogriff"
man, i love that kid.

Hoodlums in a back alleyway
last call. delish.


Becca said...

man you should frame that one of you and Donovan. That is pure happiness.