Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Wrap Up (Part I)

Trying to catch up on journaling is a daunting task. On the one hand, a lot happened and I'd like to write it down to remember. On the other, it's so much! It will take too long! I was going back through photos on my phone and have decided to post a bunch here, even though they appeared on Instagram long ago. And by long ago I mean many months. Don't worry - I'm not going to go YEARS back. So here we go, a brief rundown on the year:

Gemma was the last member of our family (besides Albus) to visit an Urgent Care Clinic due to our ultimate enemy: pneumonia. On a February day, I felt like the previous month had turned me into a supreme hypochondriac as I made Gemma breathe into my ear and promptly panicked at the sound I heard. A quick call to the pediatrician and we were off to the clinic where she moonlights on weekends. You know your family has had it bad when, upon giving the receptionist your name, she sits back and solemnly breathes in, "Oh. Oh we've heard about you. I'm so sorry." The appointment didn't take long - just enough for our pediatrician to take a few vitals and listen to her chest. As we waited for her to return with a popsicle to soothe Gemma's throat from the swab (just to make sure it wasn't also strep - small blessings), I decided to snap a picture. Look, when you're 5 and your sick, you can wear whatever you want to Urgent Care, is what I'm saying.

The beanie she earned from proudly riding Everest more than her mother, a snappy bolero-cardigan over her skirted leotard, pants from her robot pajamas because I said she needed something to cover her legs and this is what she decided on, ladybug socks, and flowered mary janes because why not.

She may or may not still try to put together similar ensembles when she isn't sick, but at least I don't let her leave the house. Usually.

And then there was the day that two birds, flying side by side, crashed into our living room's second story windows. This happens a few times a year, but this time their greasy bodies left such detailed imprints that I had to take a picture. Also, both of them died from the impact. I named them Romeo and Juliet. A couple months later a rainstorm cleaned it up and I was able to stop throwing up in my mouth a little each time I saw it. Have I mentioned how much I hate birds lately?

Then there was the weekend that Becca and Austin came to visit. Gemma is big on cuddling so I wanted to take a picture and Albus decided to prove how awesome he is at photobombing.

We took Becca and Austin skiing and discovered how bald our tires were. Luckily we didn't have to wait long for the hardware store to open so we could buy chains. Unluckily, those kinds of scenarios result in about 57 new gray hairs for me. 

Ugh, how does Becca look cute even in goggles and a helmet. She is so  lame.
Gemma loves Austin so she drew him this picture.
The resemblance is uncanny, right down to the fuschia onesie.

Translation: Dear Mom, I am sorry that i screamed at Ainsleigh.
Can you forgive me, Mom? Sisters forever.

Gemma has been writing more and more notes lately. Usually they are all very penitent. Sometimes they are accusatory. Always, I find them hilarious.

We always do a "surprise" in the kids' rooms in the middle of the night before their birthday. This is a tradition with which I'm becoming increasingly disgruntled. It's difficult to think up something new every time. And execute it in the middle of the night. Without waking up the child. So this year, when I came up with an idea for Donovan rather quickly, I was very pleased with myself. So Joel and I began popping glowsticks. Let me tell you right now: 50 glowsticks are BRIGHT. I think just about every year I say, "I didn't quite think this through..." (helium balloons, streamers, etc.) They lit up his room like a LAMP. And the light WOKE HIM UP. Oh well, he didn't care. He thought it was awesome. 

Due to allergies, the school encourages students to bring non-food treats on their birthdays. Donovan requested mustaches for everyone and I was happy to oblige. Snaps to the teacher for sending me this picture:

 Donovan ALWAYS asks for a chocolate cake. "This year, instead of marshmallows ON the cake, can you make the frosting inside the cake out of marshmallow?" Sure I can, buddy. While I'm at it, I'm going to make a truffle frosting that is going to cool just a little too much and make the entire cake look like a dirt mound. You're WELCOME.

Whoops - this is taking longer than I thought. This will have to be a series! Stay tuned...