Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dear Albus,

Who's a good boy?

The portrait thing is your own fault. When Joel sets up his lights for a shoot, you're often the only "person" around so he has you sit and stay and then he tests lights on you. And then sometimes we get some really cool shots. You're a good helper.

But other than the occasional photoshoot, you're basically my dog. The kids are gone to school all day and you're my buddy, often accompanying me in the car on errands. So I was glad that the one traumatic event we had with you was my fault - there was nobody else for me to blame. Half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips means a late-night trip to the Animal ER. You were frantic and panicked and it was one of the most horrible feelings, to know you could die and it was my fault - I had been careless. Thankfully, they were able to save you. After 24 hours in the ER and 4 doses of charcoal, you came home. The kids had been beside themselves with worry, asking if they could stay home from school that day (they didn't). Donovan asked if, when he saw you at the hospital, it would be ok if he cried a little (he didn't, though I said he could).

You are a most loved animal. I never knew how awesome it could be to have a dog. Except, could you please stop catching birds in the backyard? I know they're idiots if they actually fly low/slow enough for you to get them, but you know by now how much I hate them. Please leave them alone. And the squirrels. Chase, but don't catch. And the bunnies. And the mice. You know what, nevermind. You're a dog. Do what you do. Just wash your mouth off before you come inside.

Your Majesty


laura said...

This post/photo sesh is basically my favorite thing that's happened all year.

Marci said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading what you write. You have such a wonderful way of manipulating words and I constantly think, "Wow, she's really doing a great job with this whole parenting thing." Thanks for letting us catch some glimpses into your life. I hope we get a chance to meet each other some day.

Amy Duncan said...

Thanks for the Albus photos. I'm sorry about the chocolate ER visit. Once we had to take a beagle for eating a whole package of chicken wing bones and the tips I'd cut off, from the trash can while we were out. The X-ray of his stomach looked like it was stuffed with hay! The doctor contemplated immediate surgery, but with a lot of laxatives he was actually able to pass the mess, albeit not so pain free. But better than recovery from surgery any day. It was so scary, when your dogs are sick, it's just as bad as when your kids get sick....