Monday, March 9, 2015

a day with donovan

Friday morning, Donovan woke up to find his long underwear and ski socks laid out on his bedroom floor. He emerged from his room, that bleary-eyed just-woke-up look on his face. With one eye closed, winking against the hall light, eyebrows knit together in confusion, he asked, "Are we going skiing today or something?"

I grinned at him, finished telling Ainsleigh I was heading downstairs to make her breakfast, and turned back to him, "Not all of us. How about just you, me and Dad go skiing today, as an early birthday present?"

Both of his eyes flew wide open, a grin lit up his whole face in sheer delight, "Really?!" Then he clutched both hands to his chest and began jumping up and down.

I went downstairs to start the morning routine of making breakfast and lunch for the kids and Donovan came down a little while later with some questions. What were the girls going to do? How would they get home? Were they mad? What would I tell the school?

Haha, little buddy didn't think I'd already arranged everything. We were lucky that the weather had taken a turn for the better so Ainsleigh could easily walk home, swinging by the elementary school to pick up Gemma. No, they weren't mad because they knew it was his birthday present. And I told the school the truth, because that's always the best option.

It was the perfect ski day. A beautiful cloudless sky, loads of snow, 38-degrees. Actually, I would have been fine with it being cooler. My hands were sweating in my gloves. I had told Joel that if he and Donovan wanted to hit some black diamonds, they could do that and I was happy to do a run or two by myself. So we hit a few blues and I was feeling great, even after I tried to help a guy who had dropped a pole and, not realizing how fast I was going, ended up totally wiping out. I think Joel got it on video, so I hope it looks as good as I think it does. Then they coaxed me into skiing through some trees and it popped us out onto an ungroomed/mogul black run.

I absolutely, positively LOATHE moguls. UGH. I was so annoyed. And slow. But my sweet Donovan stood at the bottom, clapping his poles together, grinning broadly, and cheering me on. "You're doing so great, Mom!"

So after that, I decided a groomed black run couldn't be much worse. It was FUN! Even at the end when it kind of drops off and some snowboarder (not Joel) went in front of me, spraying up a ton of snow, and it cleared just in time for me to see I was about to hit a gate. So I tried to stop, only succeeding in kicking up a massive wave of snow onto myself and falling over. Another skier looked at me, lying in the snow and said, "Well that looked fun." I just replied, "That's how you're supposed to stop, right?"

Donovan skied up, howling with laughter, "MOM! THAT! WAS! AWESOME!" And he fell down next to me as we laughed and laughed and laughed. Because although it wasn't graceful and although it was a fall, it was one of those things that just feels funny. Unfortunately, Joel missed the whole thing. But Donovan considers it one of the best things that happened that day, so you're welcome, son. He was so cute and loving the whole day, skiing next to me, sometimes spraying me with his hockey stop, always smiling and telling me I was doing a good job.

We had lunch outside and just loved spending time together. Donovan kept proclaiming it the best ski day ever. I have to agree. I love my girls, but we can move so much faster without Gemma. Hopefully next year she'll be able to pick up the pace. Plus, on a Friday the crowds were less so we were able to easily do about 10 runs. We met a couple from Michigan on the gondola who said their biggest hills were like a 500-foot drop. They said here in Colorado, they were exhausted after one run (the altitude plays a factor there, too). Anyway, it made me feel ok about being completely wiped out as we drove home.

On the way home, Donovan thoughtfully said, "I would like to make this a tradition, if that's ok."

I smiled and nodded, "I think that can be arranged."


Wanda said...

What a great idea, Dono, make it a tradition! So sweet!

laura said...

So fun!!

Becca said...

CUTE. I'm only reading this now since I don't have an alert, but this just gets me even more excited for a boy. What a fun adventure.

Becca said...

Oh and how are you going to make sure you do equal gift/things for the girls??!