Monday, August 10, 2015

And just like that, a ton of time has passed.

Well summer break didn't take long. In the wise words of Phineas & Ferb, "There's 104 days of summer vacation, And school comes along just to end it, So the annual problem for our generation Is finding a good way to spend it..." Except that Joel and I agreed this morning on our walk to school that we did a pretty good job at filling the summer. I think this was the first time I thought, "Summer break is exhausting!" Over and over and I would look around the house at the basic cleaning that had gone neglected, and then I'd say, "Who wants to go to the pool/park/movies/anywhere else?!" I kept telling myself I'll clean when they're back in school. Now they're back in school and I'm just sitting at my computer. I'll clean tomorrow. Or go for a bike ride. But then I'll definitely clean after that.

First, though, I should probably document that earlier this year I got LASIK. I have to say that my only regret is that I waited this long to pursue it. Holy cow, let me just say this is amazing. I had horrible vision before and was convinced that they wouldn't be able to fix me. The procedure itself only took about 6 minutes - crazy! And they did an incredible job of prepping me so I knew exactly what to expect. Once they stood me up afterward, my eyes were kind of fogged over (they told me this would happen) but I could tell immediately that I could already see better than before. And of course I cried.

They had given me a lovely sedative so I don't remember a lot about the way home except suddenly asking for a sandwich and then I came home to take a 3-hour nap. As soon as I opened my eyes after that, everything was clear. It was beautiful. And then I was supposed to take it easy for the rest of the day. Which I totally did by throwing Joel a surprise birthday party.

It was awesome. I had already talked to the people at the LASIK place to ask if they thought I'd be able to do both the surgery and the party the same day. I arranged to have 12 of Joel's friends (and some wives who wanted to watch) ring our doorbell at about 6:30pm. Joel had no idea. I had booked a space at a local indoor obstacle/gladiator place called Xtreme Challenge. There the boys took part in all sorts of adventures/combat. It was like watching a bunch of kids play around. I think a bunch of them were pretty sore the next day. One guy came dressed as a Nacho Libre fighter. He stayed in costume the entire time. What a friend!

The Warriors.

The ladies, behind the safety net.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Boys know what to do.

The whole gang. What a fun night!

After that, we went for milkshakes (Nacho Libre still in costume) and then a bunch of the men went to go see a movie. I had someone drive me home where I took my last sedative and fell happily asleep. I wanted to give Joel a memorable experience for his birthday and I succeeded. And I can see!


NancyO said...

That's great about your Lasik surgery Sarah. Is it still working well? And Happy Birthday to Joel. Looks like a really fun party!