Thursday, November 12, 2015

some realizations

I've been mulling over some thoughts lately, most of which hardly merit recognition on their own. But perhaps together they'll mean something. Or spur me to consider words on a more regular basis than bi-annually. Or at least fill space.

1. I've decided I don't like any savory dishes involving squash. Not in the same way I feel about clam chowder (or any fish-broth-based soup) which is that I would rather starve than eat it. But, rather, in a largely unimpressed and disappointed way. I basically have two reactions to squash: 1)"Wow, I can barely taste it!" and 2) thinking, "How much longer do I have to eat this so I don't look like a toddler refusing food?" Bring on the pumpkin pie/cookies/cake/muffins/etc. But if you try to put it in pasta, top it with marshmallows, convince me it's just like spaghetti, or hide it in soup, I'll choke it down and say it tasted lovely, and I will be lying.

2. Donovan asked me if Santa was a real person or if it was Joel and me. It was just last summer that I told Ainsleigh about Santa, but part of that stemmed from my belief that Donovan would soon be asking and I wanted her to have one Christmas where just she knew. Also, I had to TELL Ainsleigh, where as Donovan asked. I sat quietly for a moment and then asked if he wanted to know the truth. He slowly nodded and said, "That's what I thought." I teared up, remembering my own disappointment and sadness over learning the truth, and thinking about how this baby boy of mine was now old enough to know Santa wasn't real. I teared up, thinking about this and because of my tears, he began to get teary. Then he said, "This makes my iPad all the more special, knowing that you and daddy bought it for me. And all the other stuff - you gave it to us and didn't get the credit." How does he do that - make me love him even more for his thoughtful consideration of the situation. Here I was, thinking he'd be sad and feeling sorry for himself. Instead, he immediately went to gratitude. I love this kid so much. I need to remember that because tonight I was super annoyed with him. While he can be wonderful, he can also be a major pill.
3. Gemma got some test results back at school and Joel, after seeing them, said, "Wow. Gemma's really smart." I mean, we kind of knew this, but also her flair for the, ahem, dramatics can sometimes overpower her cleverness. But she has a pretty sharp mind that is nicely tempered by a good sense of humor. Tonight the younger two were taking too long to eat their dinner. Ainsleigh was finishing a project that demanded all of her attention. So I told the younger two they were not allowed to speak in the kitchen/family room. Anytime they did resulted in a 5 minute penalty on the nights already-earlier-than-usual bedtime. They both incurred a couple penalties before they decided to acquiesce. A little while later as I was finishing up washing the dishes, I saw Gemma exit the room and go around the corner into the entry. Right as I started to ask, "Gemma, where are you going?" I heard a little voice say, "I'm full, can I be done?" She was following the rules: She was speaking from a DIFFERENT room so as not to receive another penalty. Of course I burst out laughing and Joel and I slow-clapped as she peered around the corner. Well played, ladybug, well played.
4. Also, we got family portraits. Since we will probably be using them in Christmas cards, I'm going to post one three. We'll use others for the card. I think. Maybe we'll do something else.

5. Lastly, while I rarely get on a soapbox, I'm going to about this whole Starbucks red cup thing. Here's my beef - I don't care what color the cups are. My problem, quite frankly, is the over-commercialization of Christmas. Every time something is "taken away" from Christmas, I applaud it. Let's make it less in-your-face and more in-your-heart and in-your-hands. Oh I'll still say Merry Christmas to people and I'll still celebrate Jesus, but I'm also going to delight in someone wishing me a Happy Hannukah or Diwali or whatever else. The end.


Wanda said...

I tried making pumpkin curry and it was not good, so I'll stick with the pumpkin pie, too. And Dono is a love and Gemma a minx!

laura said...

Donooooooo! What a little sweetie. And I love the photos!

Becca said...

Donovan's hair and eyes are lookinging awesome. What a stud.