Monday, March 28, 2016

Gemma explains it all.

Last night we were watching a tv show and a character made reference to a panic attack.

Donovan: What's a panic attack?
Gemma (before any of us had a chance to respond): It's when there's panic (waves arms furiously in circles in front of her), like all around you, and (now waving arms furiously toward her) you. A panic attack.
Donovan (after a brief pause): That is the worst explanation for something anybody has ever given.

This had me giggling all night. First, Gemma's weird, albeit true in some respects, description. She has, of late, begun to offer (mostly unsolicited) advice or help. I know she's getting older and learning more and would like to exercise this newfound knowledge, but it's like she thinks we're all at the same level now, education-wise. Second, Donovan's immediate dismissal. It was like he took the briefest moment to weigh her words and found her lacking. I've never suffered fools gladly and it seems this has rubbed off on him as well. I'd like to think I'm a little more sensitive, but the reality is I'm probably not. I say this because Gemma didn't get defensive or upset. Rather, she shrugged and said, "Ok, well, I tried."

I think trying will get her through a lot of things. Maybe even the eventual impending panic attack.


Wanda said...

Love that girl!