Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Acronyms at Bedtime

Last night, as I was tucking the kids into bed, Donovan was talking about asthma and how if you pronounced it asz-thma it sounded weird. I shrugged and told him he could group the s and the t and call it ast-hma. His eyebrows shot up and said, "It sounds like you're saying...YOU know." Which prompted me to regale him with some recent current events. I began by explaining how, when a Supreme Court Justice dies, often a building or college is named for them. Except, I said, these really smart people who run a college made a small mistake. See if you can spot it.

"His name was Antonin Scalia," I said.
"What? Was that the mistake?"
"No. Stick with me. Just like colleges are abbreviated by their initials, sometimes they actually spell out words, so they are known AS those words."
"So think along with me, while I tell you the name."
He's nodding at this point, eyes slightly narrowed in concentration.
"They initially wanted to call it the Antonin Scalia School Of Law."
His quiet, shallow breathing tells me he's on the verge of giggles.
"Wait, say it again."
"Ok, the Antonin Scalia School Of Law. What does that spell?"
"Worse, Dono. A-S-S-O-L. Assol."
His eyes squeeze shut a second before his hands fly up to cover them as he erupts into giggles. He pauses a moment, opens his eyes to look at my face, as if to verify, then falls back into his body-shaking laughter.

Meanwhile, Ainsleigh is in the bathroom washing her face, but steps out as I'm exiting Donovan's room, saying, "I want to know what's so funny!"

So I go through the whole thing again with her. As I get to the part where I ask her what it spells, from behind me, in the dark, a voice an octave or two higher than usual squeaks, "Assol!" Cue more giggles.

Ainsleigh's eyebrows shot up in disbelief. And then she joined in the all-consuming giggles.

I did clarify that the name has since been changed to a less unfortunate acronym. Still, having these kinds of moments with my kids is weirdly awesome. So thank you, world, for giving us that little mother/child bonding session. And apologies, all my friends' kids, who are now going to hear the story.