About Me

Is anyone actually going to read this page? My dad probably will. Hi Dad! I'll pretend like he doesn't know everything about me.

My name is Sarah and let's just say I'm in my thirties. I've been married to Joel for 15 years now and we have three kids who define awesome on a daily basis. I am also biased, and have a penchant for exaggerating just a skooch. It's what I do. Also, I talk a lot. Sometimes too much.

Anyway, my kids. That's the reason I started a blog. Well, that and Joel was working such crazy hours that I would forget to tell him about the totally rad/irritating/hilarious/pull-my-hair moments that happen throughout the day. Sometimes he only knows about the stories because he reads them here. Look, if you come home while I'm watching Project Runway, then my day was fine and nothing happened. The end.

Joel is the photographer behind most of the pictures and is currently a freelance art director. He is a better snowboarder, lawn mower, fashion shopper and calm-under-stress master than I am, but I can best him in the kitchen or with a video game controller. I let him win at MarioKart and he lets me win arguments. He takes the pictures and I tell the stories. Together we ride our bikes around the Denver metro area, talking and not talking, and it's my favorite date in the whole world. He let's me draft and then tells me I look amazing in my stretchy pants. It's a far better match than I ever imagined.

The kids. Right. So I set out to write down what they do and say, but most importantly HOW they do and say it. When they're older, I want them to read about the weird faces they made and the stupid things they said and feel like they're watching live footage of their days. Also, it might make for some good blackmail.

A brief introduction of the main characters:

Ainsleigh - age 12 - thoughtful and artistic are the two best words I can think to describe her. By the time she was two she was drawing faces. She loves art and all color. She draws and draws and draws, then thinks about it and draws some more. She also loves to do hair, which works out perfectly for me because I love having my hair done. She is naturally quiet and pensive, and that seems to only fuels her stubbornness. She loves ballet, playing the piano, and cheering as Donovan tears it up on the soccer and football fields. In second grade, she was diagnosed with ADHD with the Inattentive subset (something that can be misleading for those unversed in the ADHD world - something I was until a few years ago), and this has proven, time and again, to be wonderfully challenging. Some days more challenging than wonderful. She, in the meantime, has come a long way and I love her something crazy for how determined she is to do the right thing and how fantastic she is at being a big sister. I love how she is taking on more responsibilities (babysitting!), and I love the person she is turning into.

Donovan - age 9 - if ever I wondered if I could be a mom to a boy, he has been the answer that I not only could, but that it would be one of the highlights of my life. He is loud and stinky and can barely hold still for all the energy he has bottled up inside, but he is also thoughtful, sensitive, and quick with a hug. Dono is a natural leader, much to the chagrin (and interest) of his older sister, and the amusement of his younger. He loves just about anything that makes noise or involves tools or sports, as well as cooking, vacuuming, reading and the Wii. He loves playing soccer, lacrosse and football and has written/illustrated/bound countless books. He's pretty good at practicing the piano. He makes his bed and gets dressed every morning without being told and folds his clothes and puts them away. I'm raising a future stellar husband in this kid.

Gemma - age 6 - she is the phoenix from the ashes of a traumatic labor/delivery. She was the best baby in the whole world and I never have to win anything ever again because she is the best prize. Now, she is a pretty fantastic kid and I love rediscovering the world with her. She gives us a renewed appreciation for the things in life that had begun to lose their lustre. She has a quiet determination that sometimes isn't so quiet. She has an opinion, and you're going to listen to it. She adores jewelry and the finer things in life except seafood - she can't stand any part of it. It's almost comedic, considering how adventurous her palette is otherwise. She is a bit of a bossypants, but that is something we are working on. She loves to help around the house and is my shadow in the kitchen. Even though she's almost too big for it any more, she loves climbing into Joel's chair behind him as he works to sing/jabber while he half-listens, half-concentrates on a project.

All three are loving and show compassion for those around them in ways that sometimes takes my breath away. Perhaps it is due, in part, to learning about love and loss at an early age. Perhaps it is because they are learning and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps it is because a loving Heavenly Father knew I needed goodness in my life. No matter what, I am so very grateful that they are mine forever. I'm good at sharing, though, so I'll let them leave the house sometimes.

Albus Percival Dumbledore - wire fox terrier - completes the redheads in this family, with a nod to our most beloved literature series: Harry Potter. (If you don't know that Albus Dumbledore is the wise aging headmaster of Hogwarts who has the most wizardly beard you've ever seen, then stop everything and make a beeline for the library/bookstore/Amazon.) When I was pregnant with Gemma, Joel and I agreed that if the baby came out with red hair, we'd have to get a redheaded dog. I've never had a dog before, but Joel has had many, so he points out all the good behavior things he does and I relish that Albus follows me everywhere. He's the kind of dog that makes me wish we had gotten a dog sooner (but then it wouldn't have been him, so I suppose it's ok).

With this space, I want my kids to know that being their mom is the greatest job on the planet. It comes with the most joy and sorrow and pride and frustration and stress and peace. I want them to know that being a mom is HARD. That I don't love it all the time. That there are days I'm convinced one of us isn't going to be alive at the end of it. So far, we have a 100% success rate. I always love THEM with a physical ferocity I never knew existed until they came along. They are the loves of my life. They give me purpose and determination. They are the reason I get out of bed in the morning (and at midnight and at 4:37am to rub backs and clean barf and get out heating pads as necessary).

So this is for them. And also for their dad. And my parents. And the other parents. And our whole extended family. And friends. And the friends I haven't met yet. That's about it.

Sit down. Laugh with me. Cry with me. And, for the love of all that is holy, eat with me.